Update: FBCMUD 46 Pump Station

Apr 25, 2022

Construction is now underway for the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 46 (FBCMUD 46) pump station. This pump station will be a part of the District’s flood risk mitigation system; the Board of Directors authorized the project to add the pump station to increase resiliency to the system following recent high-water events on the Brazos River.

The District currently operates without a pump station as the flood risk mitigation system was designed in a manner where a pump station was not required at the time by Fort Bend County. As a result, when the Brazos River achieves high levels due to a rain event, the District loses gravity outfall to Flat Bank Creek and ultimately to the river. When these events occurred recently, the District had to rent temporary pumps as an additional measure to protect the District.

Fortunately, the new pump station will allow the District to evacuate rainfall received within the levy boundaries when the elevation of the Brazos River restricts the ability to drain by way of the gravity system. This means minimal stacking of water internally in the District during high water events with the added pumping capacity the District did not previously have. For more information on the pump station project, or the flood risk mitigation infrastructure within the District, please reach out to the Board and consultants via the webform on the “Contact Us” page.