Fort Bend MUD 46 Lowers 2022 Tax Rate

Apr 4, 2023

The Board of Directors for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 46 (FBCMUD 46) want to remind residents about the lowered overall tax rate for 2022, and the existing exemptions provided to residents.

The original announcement of the lowered tax rate was posted to the website after the September 27, 2022 meeting, and can be found here.

The Board, in an effort to maintain lower tax rates for their residents in the face of increasing property values throughout Fort Bend County last year, lowered the overall tax rate by $0.21/$100. The current tax rate for 2022 is $0.61/$100 valuation: $0.36 to be used for debt service, and $0.25 allocated for operations and maintenance (O&M). This reduced resident tax bill payments for 2022, estimated to be around $370 (based on the average homestead value). 2022 assessments were mailed out late last year, and were due January 31, 2023.

During the annual review of exemptions at the February 28, 2023 meeting, the Board discussed the fiscal health of the District with its consultants, and determined the existing exemptions were adequate to further relieve tax burden in light of the increased property values. As residents may know, the current exemptions are as follows:

  • General Homestead is set at 10% of the property value or $5000, whichever is higher
  • For residents who are over 65 years of age, and/or disabled, $10,000 off the value of the property

It is also worth noting the Board recognizes and values our disabled veteran residents and grants a deduction from value amounts depending on the disability rating of the veteran.

Through prudent fiscal management and good financial stewardship, the District’s annual debt service obligations are on the decline, and should stabilize in 2025, barring unforeseen circumstances that require taking on new debt. The District reviews the property tax rate levy every fall and holds a public hearing for resident feedback before setting the next years rate.

For more information on this or other topics related to FBCMUD 46, please feel free to reach out to the District and its consultants using the form on the “Contact Us” page of the District website.

If you still have not paid your 2022 property tax assessments, please reach out to the Fort Bend Tax Assessor office via their website.